Crémant Saint Urbain Brut Riesling


This sparkling wine, whose base is the Riesling grape, is a Crémant Brut (dry) adorned with a straw yellow colour with green reflections, fine bubbles and silky plume. Captivating the eye the effervescence is asking to be tasted. On the one hand, the nose reveals the characteristics of a sparkling wine of 24 months aged on lattes and gives hints of lemon and citrus. On the palate, the fine bubbles reveal a beautiful elegance with a taste of lightly toasted hazelnuts. The persistence in the mouth invites your senses on a journey to the heart of a whirlwind of freshness.

Can be kept: 3 years
Serving temperature: 9 - 10°C


75 cl

€ 9.30
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Categorie: Cremant d'Alsace


Sparkling aperitif, also highly appreciated during a meal such as salmon on skewers with St. Jacques and complimented with a dash of freshly squeezed lime.


The emergence of an effervescent production dates back to the German annexation between 1870 and 1918. Mainly for fiscal reasons: as the annexed Alsace was exempt from customs duties for shipments to Germany, a few Champagne houses settled in the region and produced sparkling wines. The trials are more than conclusive, so the idea quickly germinates to endow the region with a real capacity to produce quality sparkling wines. But in order to identify this quality, and to differentiate this production from sparkling wines from closed vats and other sparkling wines, it is necessary to find a name for it. It will thus be "Crémant", an ancient qualification reserved for certain vintages of Champagne. An agreement was reached with the Champenois, and on 4 July 1975 a law reserved the use of the word Crémant for sparkling wines with a registered designation of origin.