Gewurztraminer Vendanges Tardives 2018


The golden yellow colour of this Late Harvest Gewurztraminer invites a tasting. The expression on the nose gives a voluptuous rich glimpse of hints of honeyed apricot and candied fruit. In the mouth no other wine can match the smoothness and sweetness. The finish is long and vigorous, full of charm and finesse.


50 cl

€ 16.50
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Aromatic starters with foie gras. Blue-veined cheese of the Roquefort type. Pastries, pies, creams, mousses.


The Gewurztraminer is a particularly aromatic selection of an old grape variety known from time immemorial in Alsace, the Traminer rose. In the past, and especially when its wine was a little less characteristic, it was known as Traminer. Etymologically, the name Gewurztraminer literally means "spicy" Traminer.

Its grains are quite small, pink-brown in colour, and the skin contains constituents with very full-bodied flavours. It has found its favourite terroir in the Alsatian vineyard.

"Late Harvest wines come from grapes affected by "noble rot" also called "Botrytis cinerea". These grapes have a high aromatic concentration and are considerably rich in sugar.