Pinot noir rosé 2022


A variation of Pinot Noir, this Rosé des Quatre Saisons has a raspberry colour with a hint of orange. On the nose, it reveals fresh and pleasant notes of fresh red fruit equal to its raspberry colour. Silky, refreshing and easy to drink on the palate, it has a lightness that is all the more pleasant as it is a typically Alsatian Rosé with a fine tannic structure.

Cellaring time: 5 years
Tasting temperature: 10 - 12°C


75 cl

€ 8.60
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A true Rosé to be enjoyed throughout the year, it will be particularly well suited to your summer tables, accompanying grilled meats, smoked charcuterie and pressed cheeses such as a young Comté or Bleu de Gex.


Even though Alsace is mainly known for its white wines, a good number of documents, relating to inventories of abbey cellars and wine tithes taken by the Church in the Middle Ages, mention considerable proportions of red wine. Among the 40 grape varieties used at that time, Pinot Noir figured prominently. Curiously enough, a decline in production began at the end of the 16th century and only a few Alsatian localities had kept the tradition of production (Ottrott, Saint Léonard, Boersch, Saint Hippolyte, Rodern, Marlenheim...).

What many people today therefore consider to be a novelty is in fact a legacy of the past which is becoming increasingly successful. In constant development since the 1950's, Pinot Noir currently occupies 9% of the Alsatian vineyard's vines (it represented only 2% in 1969).