Pinot noir Tradition 2019


This Pinot Noir Tradition has a cherry red colour with a beautiful shine. On the nose, one notices aromas of fresh red fruits such as raspberry and black cherry. On the palate it reveals a pleasantly melted tannic structure enhanced by a touch of freshness.

Keeping time : 7 - 8 years
Operating temperature: 10 - 12°C


75 cl

€ 9.10
Technical sheet


Served chilled, this Pinot Noir Tradition is the true companion of your summer evenings around freshly barbecued grills. It will also elegantly accompany a gizzard salad with a balsamic or raspberry vinaigrette. As you tour the world's cuisines, associating this Pinot Noir with a lamb tagine will be strikingly rich.


Although Alsace is mainly known for its white wines, many documents relating to inventories of abbey cellars and wine tithes collected by the Church in the Middle Ages, mention considerable proportions of red wine. Among the 40 grape varieties used at that time, Pinot Noir figured prominently. Curiously enough, a decline in production began at the end of the 16th century and only a few Alsatian localities had kept the tradition of production (Ottrott, Saint Léonard, Boersch, Saint Hippolyte, Rodern, Marlenheim...).

What many people today therefore consider to be a novelty is in fact a legacy of the past which is becoming increasingly successful. In constant development since the 1950's, Pinot Noir currently occupies 9% of the Alsatian vineyard's vines (it represented only 2% in 1969).