Pinot Auxerrois 2022


This Pinot Auxerrois is a lovely yellow gold colour.

On the nose, there is at first notes of white flowers, grapefruit and slightly nutty.

On the palate it expresses a nice attack with a delicate fruit, a touch of acidity within a beautiful balanced taste. Here we have a supple wine with a long finish.

The specificity of this Pinot Auxerrois resides in its vinification to which we pay special attention to select the best and the finest grapes to make the maceration. This method gives a good aromatic extraction and gives the wine a nice shine.

Can be kept: 5 years
Serving temperatur: 10 - 12°C


75 cl

€ 7.90
Technical sheet
Categorie: Alsace Tradition


It goes beautifully with all dishes requiring a dry white wine. This wine is probably the most versatile wine of Alsace and can also accompany seafood, sushi or with pot roasted chicken or even cheese.


A little history of the Auxerrois grape, this is a vine that has recently been introduced in Alsace, about 50 years ago. Its origin is not related to the capital of the Yonne, but it is a grape probably originating in Lorraine and Luxembourg. However, this name is in connection with the city of Auxerre so as to protect it during the German occupation the wine growers have exported the vines to nurseries near the town of Auxerre hence its name.

The Auxerrois grape is an early variety, even earlier than its cousin Pinot Blanc. It is a grape variety well adapted to calcareous soils.