Auxerrois Cuvée de la Chasseresse 2018


The robe of this wine is slightly golden with some green reflections.

It has a floral nose with the freshness of the grape variety.

On the palate, it has a soft and fragrant attack. Then, the mid-palate is silky and light on some mineral and floral notes. Finally, the finish is long with a very slight bitterness giving it its character.


75 cl

€ 9.10
Technical sheet
Categorie: Cuvée Prestige


This wine goes well with Asian as well as exotic cuisine or with typical Alsatian dishes such as "Tarte flambées" with munster cheese.


A little history of the Auxerrois grape variety, it is a recent grape variety that was introduced in Alsace about 50 years ago. Its origin is not linked to the county town of Yonne, but it is a grape variety that probably originated in Lorraine and Luxembourg. However, its name is linked to the town of Auxerre because to protect it during the German occupation, the winegrowers would have exported it to nurseries close to Auxerre, hence its name.

This cuvee comes from a plot of land located in Bernardvillé in sandy soils. Its name "Cuvée de la Chasseresse" refers to the grandfather, who was originally a hunter and who watched over these plots against the damage of the giber (roe deer and wild boar). It was also his favourite wine.