Pinot Noir vieilli en fût de chêne 2019


This Pinot Noir is kept for one year in oak barrels. We renew some of our barrels every year or every two years depending on the vintage. Indeed, we are looking for a Pinot Noir with characteristics of a wine that can be drunk young or after a few years of bottle aging. These characteristics, depending on the age, will of course not the same.

Of a brilliant ruby colour, with a very pleasant nose typical of a Pinot Noir. A wine full-bodied and woody and a slight vanilla flavour from its oak barrel aging. On the palate, this Pinot Noir Aged in Oak presents a beautiful harmony with the body, a very nice balance, very fruity with notes of red fruits (blackberry and blackcurrant).

The whole is of great finesse with silky tannins and round fruit flavours.

Can be kept: 10 - 12 years (and more)
Serving temperature: room temperature (15 - 20°C)


75 cl

€ 10.70
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Full-bodied and robust, the combination of this Pinot Noir Aged in Oak with red meats and game is quite surprising. This strength allows the wine to support even the strongest of cheeses (Munster, Roquefort, Bleu d'Auvergne...).


Although Alsace is best known for its white wines, many documents relating to inventories of abbey cellars and wine of the tithes collected by the Church in the Middle Ages, have reported considerable proportions of red wine. Among the 40 varieties used at that time, Pinot Noir figured prominently. Intriguingly a decline in production began at the end of the sixteenth century and only a few localities in Alsace have kept the tradition of production (Ottrott, Saint Leonard, Boersch, Saint Hippolyte Rodern, Marlenheim...).

So what many consider today as a novelty is actually a legacy of the past that today is becoming a growing success. In constant development since the 1950s, Pinot Noir is currently 9% of the total plantings in Alsace (it was only 2% in 1969).