Sylvaner 2020


At first glance, this Sylvaner Tradition is a wine with a clear, limpid colour, reflecting a hint of green. On the nose, it offers a discreetly fruity or floral bouquet and is characterized on the palate by tastes of young citrus fruit. It is a more aromatic Sylvaner than the others because the vines are over 40 years old, which gives it more complexity and power.

Custody time: 5 years
Operating temperature: 10 - 12°C


75 cl

€ 7.40
Technical sheet
Categorie: Alsace Tradition


This Sylvaner will accompany with lightness and delicacy shellfish (oysters, cockles, clams, etc ...) but also fish, delicatessen or can simply quench your thirst.


Sylvaner is an ancient grape variety (18th century). Originally mainly from Transylvania, hence its name, it is also called Grande Arvine in Valais and Cilifanthi in Hungary.