Maison Valérie, Jean-Marie et Joseph KOEHLY

Three generations of winemakers, a passion for vine, a motivation that exalts your senses with endless fun with our wines.

23 hectares of vines, a typical cellar, innovative techniques both in the vine and the cellar: in our family farm, we took advantage of always looking for ways to be as authentic as possible.

From lands that are as diverse as they are distant, spread over seven districts (Rodern to Bernardvillé), the choice of grape type to soil gives a surprising consistency to the end result. Of this vineyard are born wines of strong and sharp character: the flexibility of some and the alertness of others offer a wide range that will please the palate of each customer.

We are pleased to make you happy!

La vigne et le vin, notre métier, notre passion.
Jean-Marie Koehly

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Riesling Tradition 2016

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Riesling Tradition 2016

Riesling Hahnenberg 2016

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Riesling Hahnenberg 2016


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Vignerons indépendants From January to March : preferably notify us in advance
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