Riesling Tradition 2016

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1. History

Riesling is the grape of choice from the Rhine region and the earliest known in Alsace. It has been cultivated since the 15th century. It is considered to be one of the most prestigious white grapes in the world!
Its small green grapes ripen slowly in the sun and they are late maturing. It requires a soil exposure particularly favourable with the sun. The Riesling grape is probably the one that best expresses the identity of its geologic soil.

2. Taste

The colour of this Riesling Tradition 2016 is clear with bright reflections. It presents a bouquet of great finesse with subtle flavours of lemon and white flowers. Accompanying this beautiful mineral taste, the acidity of the Riesling reveals a fine straight and honest structure.

3. Gastronomy

This Riesling is obviously the king of fish and shellfish. It emphasizes the flavours with iodine from the sea and is wonderful with white meats and poultry or with goats, sheep cheese.

Can be kept : 5 years
Serving temperatur: 10 – 12°C

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